Monday, October 14, 2019

Popcorn, creeksweep, and nerd guns

Hello Troop 136!

From our Popcorn Kerkel:
Popcorn Kernel Mr. Asendorf asks all scouts to start turning in any unsold popcorn Tuesday, Oct. 15 and to bring their sales sheets so that he can start getting scouts marked down for their sales. The last day of popcorn sales is Nov. 2 and all orders must be turned into Mr. Asendorf by Nov. 3. If you have question, please feel free to contact him personally at or by text at 614-746-3746.  He would like to not have a repeat of last year where we turned in a significant amount of unsold popcorn at the last minute.

Creek Sweep:  
We had a great turnout and I heard that a lot of scouts had a lot of fun!  Thanks to the adults and scouts who attended the event. Overall, we had four troops from Grove City attend the event and had a great time cleaning up Republican Run Creek starting at Broadway and going past I-71 by the .  We have scheduled this event next year to happen on October 17, 2020.  Put it on your calendar.  This would avoid the OA events and district events.  Here are some pictures from the event.  I will create an album that people can add to and we can share the photos.  Some of you on the troop committee have access to the Band app and can see photos posted there as well.

Nerf guns: We had a great time last week with our Nerf guns last week.  Please plan to bring your Nerf gun(s) and a bright flashlight this week.  The flashlight will be used for the game.  Plan to shoot for prizes this week. Here is our meeting plan: 
This week's presentations will be by Will and Shane:
Will - rules and parts of a shotgun
Shane - ammunition

Will and Shane, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Please reply to let me know that you will be ready for your presentation tomorrow night.  Five to 10 minutes in length of time would be sufficient.  Be sure you are ready!

Fall Camporee October 25 to October 27:
Adults: I would like to know how adults will be there.  I know that Darryl said he might be able to cook for the adults.  He always does a great job! 

Scouts: You will need sign up as going to the event and one of the five options as well.
Options for the scouts:
1.  For those scouts who are working toward First Class, you have the opportunity to sign off on some of the requirements for First Class.
2. Geocache Merit Badge - partial merit badge
3. Wilderness Survival Merit Badge  - partial merit badge
4. Search/Rescue Merit Badge  - partial merit badge
5. First Aid Merit Badge  - partial merit badge

Backpacking at Zaleski November 8 to November 10:
We are traveling to Zaleski next month for the backpacking trip.  This is a great event for first time scouts backpacking and for older scouts who have been backpacking.  Roland Guay and I will share how we pack with the troop on 10/29 and the scouts will be bringing their camping gear for a short hike on 11/5.

What if your scout does not have a backpack?  We have several of them that have been donated by previous scouts.  We will get these backpacks out and allow the scouts to try them on before the meeting on 10/29 and again after the meeting on 10/29.  The scout will take the backpack they are borrowing with them and bring it back the next week loaded for the campout on 11/5 for the walk around the city to find out if there are any issues with how they packed their gear.  It is a great way to find out if there are issues before we get on the trail.  The backpacks will be available for you to borrow on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If your scout wants to borrow one for this event, show up early on 10/29.

We will leave the church on Friday, November 8 at 5:30 and be back around noon to 1 pm on Sunday.

Troop Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 12th and November 19th:
We will take nominations for SPL on Tuesday, November 5th with the elections on Tuesday, November 12th.
We will take nominations for Patrol Leaders on Tuesday, November 12th after the SPL elections and the SPL has chosen his ASPL, Scribe, Quartermaster, Historian, Librarian and Webmaster, with the elections for Patrol Leaders on Tuesday, November 19th.  This change will allow those wanting to be Patrol Leaders a week to think about their future opportunities.  This will also allow the SPL to choose his PLC with the exception of the Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders.  They will join the PLC on November 19th after their elections.

Phillip Freeman
Scoutmaster, Troop 136 in Grove City, OH 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Desserts for Hog Roast

Please see the email below from Patty Spencer about the need for desserts for this Saturday’s Hog Roast.

I am using a distribution list from last December, so I apologize to those receiving this message who are no longer in Troop 136.  I will try to avoid using this list in the future.

Don't forget about the desserts we need for Saturday's Hog Roast.

Plan to bring 1-2 dozen of brownies or cookies or sheet cake (pre cut - icing not necessary) Friday night or Saturday morning by 8:30 am.

If possible on the brownies/cookies/sheet cake pre package them in a sandwich bag (1-2-3 or 4 depending on the size) and we will put them on individual plates.  If you bring in your own pan please have your name on it so you can get it back.

Please do not purchase dessert items as the people buying can buy their own store bought items at any time - we are looking for home made

And for those boys who are going to be working on their cooking merit badge this would be a good time to learn how to make something (with the help of a parent if you need it)


Todd Miller
Troop 136 Committee Chair

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hog Roast/Tag Sale, Arts in the Alley Parade, Shootout, Camporee and Backpacking

Hi Troop 136!

Tag Sale:
We have a big weekend ahead of us!  In case you thought you were not needed, think again! We need your help!  Below is an online form that you can use to help sign up for slots to help with the Hog Roast and Tag Sale!  This will help you see where we need help.  This is a huge fundraiser for our troop!  Plan to spend some time on Friday and/or Saturday making this a successful event.  Our sign is up!

Arts in the Alley Parade:
Scouts will be walking again in the parade this Saturday.  Please plan to meet at the CVS parking lot at 8:30.  I will have a huge flag the scouts can carry.  This is also something the scouts can sign up to do and receive one service hour.  

Three Eagles Shootout Event - October 5th
The feedback from the troop for the PLC meeting determined that a lot of scouts wanted to go shooting.  Attached in the pdf with additional information.  We will meet at the church on Saturday, October 5th and drive down that morning.  Once the event is done, we will drive back to the church.  The event will cost $15 ($10 for the shooting and $5 for lunch).

Fall Camporee October 25-27:
The Fall Camporee will be held at the Mount Oval Farm again.  This is a great event and there will be partial merit badge opportunities in the morning and activities in the afternoon.  It is a great event and a lot of fun for everyone involved.  This is the next campout that a scout can work on some of the camping and cooking requirements within their patrols and as a troop. 

Zaleski State Park Backpacking Trip November 8-10
One of the items the scouts in the PLC wanted to continue was a backpacking trip.  This is a great way to get a lot of the Second Class and First Class requirements completed.  This is also a great way to begin the hiking needed for the Hiking and Camping Merit Badges.

Troop Meeting Plans:
Here are the Troop Meeting Plans created by the PLC (Any grammatical errors or ideas have not been fixes purposefully)
9/25 - Court of Honor (I need someone that wants to MC the event for the Communications Merit Badge Requirement)
10/29 - The PLC will finish planning this at the next PLC Meeting on 10/6

Phillip Freeman
Scoutmaster, Troop 136 in Grove City, OH 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Orienteering Course on Sat, 9/14

Good morning!

As it was announced at the meeting on Tuesday, there will be a chance for the scouts to participate in an orienteering course.  Plan to be at the church by 10:15.  They will be leaving the church at 10:30 am.  It will be at the Three Creeks Metro Park in Groveport, OH.

Club Information, schedule and other information can be found here:

I am recommending that the scouts bring $5.  A donation of $3 and they can buy a map if they want as well.

Scouts/Student projects       $3
extra map                             $2
compass rental                     $1

The following people have signed up to go tomorrow morning with Roland Guay to the Orienteering course:

Jayden Viscantas
Cooper Emmelhainz
Brady Emmelhainz
Alex Rodriguez
Kohta Weese
Calvin Clasby
Zach Brown
David Sweet
Will Wisenbarger
Elias Ewing
Ian Ball

I will not be able to be there.  I will be in Indiana this weekend.  Have a great time and take pictures to share with the rest of the troop about your time at the orienteering course.  A huge thanks to Roland for suggesting that we go to this location.  Have fun!
Phillip Freeman
Scoutmaster, Troop 136 in Grove City, OH 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Arts in the Alley/Hog Roast/Tag Sale, Creek Sweep, COH and more!

Good afternoon!

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to spend time with family and enjoyed the last few days of summer over Labor Day weekend and again this past weekend with the great weather we have been able to enjoy. As we start to get back to a normal routine with school, I wanted to share a few upcoming items with you. 

We will begin wearing our Field Uniforms (Class A) at our troop meetings.      

Rank Advancement and Court of Honor:
A few scouts have been working on their next ranks.  I am so excited for them to start progressing with their advancement.  I want to recognize Jason Wright for helping us make the transition to Scoutbook the past several weeks.  He has spent a lot of hours updating Scoutbook.  Jason stated that it took him between 2-3 hours to enter the 104 merit badges from summer camp along with the first year and second year program advancement.  We took some time at our meeting this past Tuesday to update Scoutbook using the scout books.  We found some scouts had items signed off from 2015 and 2017 that were not entered into Scoutbook.  Please be sure to send Jason Wright or myself a picture of your son's book with the name on the pages so that we can enter the advancement. We are hoping to finalize the transition by the end of the year and be able for every parent to see their son's progress using Scoutbook.  Thanks for being patient with us as we continue to make the transition.

Put-in-Bay Trip:
We had a great trip.  Troop 136 received the Baden Powell Award for attending the event and participating in the required and optional activities.  There was some confusion on the times for the evening activities on Saturday night.  An incorrect time was posted for an activity.  We missed the campfire and the scouts had prepared a skit to complete the requirement for the Baden Powell.  When we arrived at the location of the campfire, a scout was separated from his troop.  We were able to help get him back to his troop since we were going the same way.  Since the scouts were not able to present their skit at the campfire, I will recommend that we have the scouts present their skit on Tuesday night at the beginning of the meeting.  If you attended the campout, be there a few minutes early.  It was a great skit they created in a very short amount of time with some added incentive to work hard at creating a skit.  They even practiced it a few times to get it right.  I am looking forward to seeing them perform it at the meeting.

Adults that attended: 
Freeman, Phil (Friday - Sunday) Driving 
Betz, Darryl (Friday - Sunday) Driving 
Steele, Becky (Friday - Sunday) 
Weese, Ron (Friday - Sunday) Driving 
Fuller, John  (Saturday - Sunday) 
Wright, Jason -  ( Saturday - Sunday) Driving

Scouts that attended:
Brown, Zachary
Craig, Nicholas
Emmelhainz, Brady
Emmelhainz, Cooper
Ewing, Elias
Fuller, Shane (Saturday night only)
Hurt, Anderson
Royce, Alex
Sweet, David - was elected as the SPL for the campout
Weese, Kohta
Wright, Noah

Flags at Greenlawn on 9/10 between 4:30 pm and 6 pm:
I was contacted by Greenlawn Cemetery to help distribute flags tomorrow.  They want for us to help between 4:30 pm and 6 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10th.  I know that it is short notice and right after school.  There may not be many that will probably be able to help, but I wanted to share the opportunity to earn some service hours.  These types of service projects are a great way to give back to the community.  If you are available between 4:30 pm and 6 pm or part of the time to help distribute flags, please let me know by signing up using the link.  We will meet me at the Greenlawn Cemetery at 4:30 pm.  When you arrive at Greenlawn, tomorrow, text me at (614) 563-3894 or call me and I will let you know where we are meeting.  Here is the online sign up for service hours.  I will let them know tomorrow how many can come.

Hog Sale/Tag Sale:
Attached is the information for tagging items you bring to sell.  Christa has stepped up and will be leading the event.  Thanks Christa for taking on this task!  She will need everyone to hep in some way.  Be sure to see her email below for more details:

Parents and Scouts: Here is information for the upcoming Tag Sale that will take place in September during the Hog Roast activity on September 21st. I have included tag numbers for each scout family and a tag sheet to be used  to generate your price tags for items to sell. It is an Excel based program.  If you need help with making this work see me at our meetings.  I will be having a sign-up sheet at our meetings for those to help during this event.  Please plan to assist. 
Please work to get items together for this sale that will benefit your son.  If you have any questions please let me know.  See you Tuesday night! Sincerely, Christa EwingTag Sale

Arts in the Alley Parade:
The parade will be on Saturday, September 21.  For those who can march in the Parade, please dress in full Class A's. Please meet at the CVS parking lot at Southwest Blvd and Broadway on September 21st @ 8:30 am to get instructions and be ready for the parade to kick off.   Let me know if you can attend the parade.  Sign up here.

Creek Sweep:
Please be ready to help with our 2019 CREEK SWEEP!  We will look forward to ALL that can be there to join us on Saturday, October 12th.  We will meet at the First Presbyterian Church in Grove City. We will start between 7:30 and 8:00 AM with a Pancake Breakfast provided by Grove City.  Once we are fed, we will move to the target creek this year. We should be on the Creek Sweep by 9 am and done by 1 pm. You can also have your Arrow of Lights Cub Scouts assist as well. This is a great opportunity for community service, AND if scouts are working on Camping merit badge, you can have the requirement for conservation project signed off if they help.  Click here to sign up!
Phillip Freeman
Scoutmaster, Troop 136 in Grove City, OH 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Eagle COH, camping, and the hog roast

Good afternoon!

I hope you are enjoying your last weekend before school starts next week.  I wanted to send a few reminders about upcoming events that we have planned.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Connor Maxwell and Owen Yoakum - Tomorrow, August 18 at 2 pm:
The following scouts, please plan to arrive by 1 pm to practice for the ceremony in Class A uniform and merit badge sash.

Candle lighting:
Scout - Elias Ewing
Tenderfoot - Cooper Emmelhainz
Second Class - David Sweet
First Class - Shane Fuller
Star - Carter Freeman
Life - Ethan Maxwell
Master of Ceremonies - Noah Wright

Dominic Rose, Brady Emmelhainz and other scouts who come to the 1 pm practice.

All scouts and parents, you are invited to come see the Eagle Scout Court of Honor.  This is really important ceremony as well celebrate their success in the Scouting program.  When you attend these ceremonies, it will help you think and make plans for your own Eagle Scout Court of Honor in the future.  Plan to arrive before 2 pm if you are just coming for the ceremony and plan to wear the full uniform (Class A) for this event.  This includes the merit badge sash!

PLC and Committee Meeting - Sunday, August 25th:
PLC @ 4:30 pm
Committee Meeting @ 6 pm

Put-In-Bay trip:
We will be leaving at 1 pm on Friday, September 6th to go to Put-In-Bay.  
Below are the people that I have attending the trip.  We still have room if you want to go:
Shane Fuller
Zach Brown
Phil Freeman
Becky Steele
Darryl Betz
John Fuller - arriving Saturday morning

Hog Roast and Arts in the Alley Parade - Saturday, September 14th:
We will be sharing details about the Hog Roast very soon.  Many thanks to Christa Ewing and Darryl Betz for volunteering to lead parts of the Tag Sale and Hog Roast.  I would recommend spending some time gathering items at your house that you would like to bring for sale at the Tag Sale.  There will be a lot of work for this even so please clear your calendar for the event and we will need scout and adults for this event.  It is a great event so please plan to attend and work to earn money for your scout account.  Plan to also march in the parade that day

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Torrent falls Trip

Some of our troop members just returned from Campton, KY after a superb time climbing with the Southeast Mountain Guides.  Though only few made it through all the climbing sections, everyone had fun.  We camped two nights at Land of Arches campground and also went to Natural Bridge State Park and hiked a little there.