Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reminders for Campout this weekend

Scouts and Leaders:

For those going this weekend:

Don’t forget to bring you helmet – check your bike out to make sure you are ready for the hike.
Bring your water bottle
It would be a good idea to have a small day pack for carrying your lunch [we will make that morning at camp]

If you wish to fish – bring your gear [over 16 needs a license]
If you want to wade in the river – bring gear for that too.

Let’s have fun!


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Popcorn Kernel(s) needed


This fall is coming up fast and the annual Boy Scout  Popcorn Sale is to kick off in September.  We are still on the hunt for a person[s] to take the role as our Troop Popcorn Kernal.  The Boy Scouts have a training class put on by the Council that will be 8/15 or 8/23 to get anyone up to speed on how it is to be done.  Please respond back to me asap if you are interested and I can get you the details.

Thank you!


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Newsletter

Our Theme this Month is:  Sports
Please note the following upcoming events.  Refer to the 2016-2017 Program Plan for the complete year planning events.  Note that the plan is subject to minor changes.

1. PLC: [Patrol Leader’s Council]
Next Meeting will be August 6th at 5:00 pm
Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader,
All Patrol Leader’s. & Asst. Patrol Leader’s and other Troop leadership positions Please plan to attend.

2. Troop Committee / Parent Meeting:
Next Meeting is August 6th at 6:00 PM at the Church.
All parents are invited to attend this meeting and learn what is up coming in the Troop activities.

3.Camp-out this Month:
This month’s campout a
Date: Aug. 19-20 [1 Night]
Location: Marrow, Ohio
            Little Miami Canoe Livery
Leave Saturday @ 7:30 AM
Return Sunday @ 12:00 PM
            Cost: $14
Permission slip must be filled out and returned by:  8/15/2017
4. Monthly Dues:                    “A Scout is Thrifty…”
Please keep up to date on your monthly dues.  We collect $10.00 each month for troop operation.  This can be paid or taken from your son’s Scout Account.  Scout Accounts are funded by participation in fundraising activities, and also by Kroger Plus purchases. Use Kroger Plus Card for your family food purchases. A percent of your spending at Kroger on the Kroger Plus card will go into the Boy’s Scout Account.  The Scout Account can be used to pay for Summer Camp fees, Monthly camp-out fees, Troop Dues, and Troop related expenses that are approved by the Scoutmaster. Please note that the purchase of Personal Gear is not an approved expense that your scout account will cover.

Please check with Jim Baughman on status of your son's Scout Account.

5. Become a Den Chief for the Cub Pack  
You can become a Den Chief – You must be First Class Rank and go through a training course. This course will be given at the end of August..  This will count as a position of Leadership Responsibility, which is needed for the Ranks from Star to Eagle.  See Kirk for details.

6. Camp out this month
The troop will be going camping this month August 19th  to Marrow Ohio – planning to stay at the Little Miami Cone Livery where the scouts will bike.   To go biking, you must prepare yourself and make sure your bike is ready – and you must wear a Bike helmet.[cost will be $14.00] 

7. Program Plan for 2017-2018
We have developed our next year’s program. Look for this to be out soon. Remember - some updates and change may occur throughout the year.

8. Troop Tag Sale - Sept. 16th
The Tag Sale will be on the 16th of September.  It will coincide with the Arts in the Alley weekend activity [Hog Roast Too!].  Plan to bring items for the sale on Friday, September 15th for setting up the event. Remember that 75% of what you sell at this event will go to your son’s scout account. These items should already be marked and priced.  We will need both parents and scouts to work this event.  If you can sign up please let Kirk Bohanan know. 

9. Hog Roast Fund-raiser Next Month Too! [Sept. 16th]
We will hold our annual Hog Roast Fund-raiser.  It will be September 16th at the church.  PLEASE plan on attending and HELP out.  See additional e-mails and information about this event.  The boys will earn money for their Scout Accounts.

10. BSA Health Forms
HEALTH FORMS from Summer camp are now on file for the next 12 months.   If you did not go to summer camp you should have at least Part A and Part B of the New Health Form submitted to the troop.  [Part C is the visit to the Doctor’s office]. This is important information that we take on our outdoor outings in case of an emergency.  Please help us by getting this information into the Troop. As any medications change please update Part A of your son’s form.  PLEASE MAKE A COPY AND TURN ONE IN TO THE TROOP.  KEEP ONE FOR YOUR RECORDS AND JUST INCASE WE MISPLACE OUR COPY.

We will have our Popcorn Kick off in September.  Please be ready to get all of the information on product and prize incentives.  The sale will begin in late September. We will have information on when and where you can get popcorn for take and deliver orders.

12. Court of Honor – Sept. 26th
We will have our Fall Court of Honor on September 26th at the First Presbyterian Church, starting at 7:00.   This ceremony will award all of the advancement that has been earned this summer.  All Advancement for this COH will need to be turned in by September 19th. Please plan to have your parents come and be apart of this event. 

September’s Theme is Cooking      

Friday, July 28, 2017

Need help fro the softball trash cleanup this weekend


OK – we had some additional sign-ups tonight at the meeting for this weekend’s trash clean up at Fryer Park – thank you to those who are on the list.


WE have 10 – 12 additional scouts needed for the Saturday evening and Sunday evening time slots.  If you are in the troop, and are in town this week end and not committed to something else – then you should be on this list!

This is a great opportunity for you – the scouts to help earn your own way in scouting.  Please respond back to me as to WHEN you are able to assist

Please don’t let your troop down – we need you!   Additional parents are also welcome!

Thank you.


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ryan's Eagle Project - date change

Parents and Scouts:
Please see the note below about Ryan Armstrong’s upcoming Eagle Project activity.  Please assist if you can.  He will let us know tomorrow night where to meet and if we need to bring anything.


Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Ryan writes:
Hello everyone, this is Ryan Armstrong. I wanted to let you know that I changed the last two workdays for my Eagle Project to the 14th and 15th (Friday and Saturday) of July (14th: 5pm-9pm, 15: 9am-3pm). We will be constructing shelving units, cleaning the unit, moving large items in the unit (?) taking pictures and inventory of the props, putting the props into the new bins, and putting those new prop bins onto shelves in the unit. I will then update the master list with the new inventory sheets. I wanted to let you all know so that you can update your schedules and so that you can let me know of any conflicts you have. If you can make it to either of these dates or to both of these dates, please email me the time that you are planning to attend. All help will be appreciated! I am very excited to finally complete this project so that it can begin to benefit LTOB!
Thank you!
Ryan Armstrong

Friday, June 23, 2017

Help needed for Robbie's Eagle project

Parents and scouts:

Please see the note that I received from Robbie Dool on the need for help with his Eagle Project on Saturday 6/24/17.  If you can assist PLEASE DO! 

Robbie Writes:

“Hey Kirk this is regarding my project, we're sort of desperate for people to come on Saturday so we can get all the concrete in and the foundation laid. We need primarily adults so I'm asking for a favor. Can you send a note out an email blast for this so I can hopefully have a few more people show up?

We will be working from 9am to noon, and 1pm to three if needed on Saturday. We primarily need shovels and post hole diggers.”


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Help needed this weekend and Summer Camp info!

Parents and Scouts:

We talked tonight at the meeting about building tent platforms for summer camp.  I will have a work day on Saturday 6/10 from 9 am until?? For all that can come and help build 40 - 4foot x 7foot platforms.  We need to screw 2x4’s to a sheet of plywood and then paint.  IF YOU CAN HELP LET ME KNOW.  I have a good start on helpers sign up tonight. BUT--- I have my platform for summer camp – do YOU? 

We will need hand drills for driving screws, a skill saw or two, saw horses, paint rollers and brushes, and enthusiastic workers!  [WEAR OLD CLOTHES – NO BSA gear that might get paint on it ]

Be There!   Thanks!


Here is the information that I shared tonight about summer camp.  Please review and if you have any questions let me know.  I have included the following documents as well:

2.     Medication Dispense Form – Must be filled out for all medication going to summer camp. [all medication must be in original bottles from pharmacy]
3.     Copy of BSA Health Form –A-B-C to use [Also can get from website]
4.     Adults going to camp – Current Sign-up Sheet. [please see where you can fit in.  We have 7 spots for those wanting to attend]

If you have any questions please drop me an email and I will get you an answer.


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136