Monday, February 27, 2017

Mulch help needed!

Parents and Scouts:

It’s that time of year – It’s getting closer - MULCH! 

We have our first kick-off on the Mulch fundraiser coming up this next Saturday, March 4th we will be gathering at the Creekside subdivision here in Grove city to go around door to door to hand out flyers for mulch.  See attached map for meeting location. Use the address of:  4927 Snowy Creek Drive to get there on GPS.

WE need all of our Scouts! [and Webelos 2’s Too!!] 

Please plan to be there at 9;30 am [in CLASS A Uniform] to go over information on the sale, and then start to canvas the neighborhood.  We should be done by noon, if we have enough help.  Use the attached flyer to pass out to family and friends that might need mulch this year.  We will deliver to any Grove City address, and spread the mulch if they wish for a donation.  If you have any questions please let me know.  We will discuss this more on Tuesday night at our meeting – Be there!


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136

Friday, February 17, 2017

Need help to welcome new scout!

Parents and scouts:

I am putting out this request for some scouts to help in welcoming a new scout into our troop! [Class A uniform event!] He is going to be coming into our troop from Pack 275.  We are planning to be a part of their bridging ceremony at their pack meeting on Sunday. Feb 19th at 2 PM – at the Purple Door Church [United Methodist Church on Columbus Street]. 

PLEASE  - if you can assist I would love to have you help.  You will be joining Mr. Dool and Mrs Spencer on this activity since I will still be getting back from our campout.  Let me know if you can attend.  Thanks.


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Newsletter

Our Theme this Month is: Caving   
Please note the following upcoming events.  Refer to the 2016-2017  Program Plan for the complete year planning events.  Note that the plan is subject to minor changes.
1. PLC: [Patrol Leader’s Council]
March 5th - at 5:00-6:00 at the Church.
Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader,
All Patrol Leader’s. & Asst. Patrol Leader’s and other members of the PLC including Scribe, Historian, Quartermaster are also encouraged to attend.

2. Troop Committee / Parent Meeting:
Next Meeting is March 5th at 6:00 PM at the Church.
All parents are invited to attend this meeting and learn what is up coming in the Troop activities.

3.Camp-out this Month:
            Date: Feb 17-19, 2017
            Location: Marengo Cave, Marengo Indiana
            Leave Friday @ 6:00 PM
Return Sunday @ 1:00 PM
Cost - $60.00

            Permission slip must be filled out and returned by: 2/14/2017
4. Monthly Dues:                    “A Scout is Thrifty…”
Please keep up to date on your monthly dues.  We collect $10.00 each month for troop operation.  This can be paid or taken from your son’s Scout Account.  Scout Accounts are funded by participation in fundraising activities, and also by Kroger Plus purchases. Use Kroger Plus Card for your family food purchases. A percent of your spending at Kroger on the Kroger Plus card will go into the Boy’s Scout Account.  The Scout Account can be used to pay for Summer Camp fees, Monthly camp-out fees, Troop Dues, and Troop related expenses that are approved by the Scoutmaster. Please note that the purchase of Personal Gear is not an approved expense that your scout account will cover.

Please check with Jim Baughman on status of your son's Scout Account.
5. Scout Sunday – February  5th
We will honor Scout Sunday on February 5th. We will be observing this at the First Presbyterian Church by assisting in the 2 services on the 5th.  This will include greeting, ushering and assisting with collecting the offering that morning.  The 2 services are 9:00 am [traditional service] and 11:15 am [contemporary service].  You and your families are cordially invited to come and visit the church that Sunday.  They would love to have us all!  This is a Class A Uniform Event. To be involved in the service, please be there 15 minutes prior to the times listed for the services.  If you wish to attend you own church in uniform that is also acceptable.  Just let me know so I can update our activity records.  If you can attend please do to show the church who our troop is.

6. Merit Badge Super Saturday – Feb. 11, 2017
Mark your calendars for Merit Badge Super Saturday on February 11th at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at in Galloway.  The Opening Ceremony begins at 8:45 and Merit Badge Sessions start at 9am.  Register online at   If you have questions please contact MBSS Coordinator Ken George at

7. February campout at Marengo Caves!
Our campout this month will be to Marengo Caves in Indiana.  We will Leave on Friday night, Feb. 17 at 6PM SHARP!  Please plan to attend the troop meeting to learn about what we will need to go caving.  Cost for this trip will be $60.00.  It will include a 5-6 hour caving experience.  You will get wet and dirty, with a shower at the end of the day – so plan accordingly.  This outing is going to be LOTS of fun.  We hope to have a great turn out.  Start to get ready NOW.  You can go to to see details about this adventure.

8. Merit Badge College  Sunday – Feb. 26,2017
There is another Merit Badge clinic offering coming late this month.  Please see the flyer attached to this email or in the bulletin board at the church for additional information.
Here are a few items also going on from our council this month:  Go to [calendar] for more details.
February 17-19 Tri-Creek/Arrowhead Klondike Derby
February 25 COSI Camp-In
February 25 Railroad Merit Badge Workshop
February 26 2017 Merit Badge College

9. Get Ready for Mulch!
We will have our Mulch Fundraiser again this year – but we need your HELP!  Dates are March 4th in the Creekside Subdivision for to take orders and April 21-22 to deliver.  Please keep these dates free for lots of work!  On the March 4th date, we will meet at the Creekside subdivision in Grove City.  Our meeting location will be at the corner of Autumn Wind Drive and Snowy Creek Drive [At the Historical Dig Site].  We will meet at 9:30 and be done by 12:00 PM.  This will be a Class A uniform event on March 4th; not on the delivery dates

10. Summer Camp 2017!
This year we will be going to Chief Logan in Jackson Ohio.  Date of camp is July 2nd-July 8th.  The Camp fee is due March 29 to the troop - $270.00 for early bird and $290 after this date.  Keep a look out for upcoming information in the months to come.

11.  BSA Health Forms
Health Forms from summer camp last year are now on file for the next 6 months.   If you did not go to summer camp you should have at least Part A and Part B of the New Health Form submitted to the troop.  [Part C is the visit to the Doctor’s office]. This is important information that we have and are able to take on our outdoor outings in case of an emergency.  Please help us by getting this information into the Troop. As any medications changes please update Part A of your son’s form. See the website for a link to the latest revision of this form.  Once you get this Medical Form updated, please turn in to Rob Robinett.  PLEASE MAKE A COPY FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS BEFORE TURNING IT IN TO US.

March’s Theme is: Astronomy

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Setup for Court of Honor needed!

Parents and Scouts:

I will need some help in setting up the fellowship center tomorrow night.  We have to set up tables and chairs.  If you can assist please let me know you can help and then be there by 6 pm. 



Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cyber Chip info


Please see the information below from Jamie Caldwell.  He and Roland Kreml are going to be working on presenting a class for the Cyber Chip requirement that scouting has added to our advancement process. 



Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Jamie Caldwell Writes:


The purpose of this email is to outline the Cyber Chip requirements that you should complete prior to our Troop meeting on February 7th.   The PLC has set “Cyber Chip” as the topic of this meeting.   You will not be able to complete all requirements at this meeting, but if you do complete the items listed below prior to the meeting you could finish your Cyber Chip at the February 7th Troop meeting.

Remember, the Cyber Chip is now a requirement for Scout rank and Star rank.  It is also required for several of the technology related merit badges.  If you plan to work on any of these over the next 12 months, you will need your Cyber Chip.   Please follow the items listed under your current grade level.  

Grades 6-8
-          Print pages 1 and 2 of the Cyber Chip Workbook.   See link below.
-          Complete requirement 2 at home with your parents.   Use the Workbook as an outline for your contract.   We do expect you to bring a copy of your contract that has been signed by both you and your parents.
-          Complete requirement 3 at home.   You are required to watch the video “Friend or Fake” and two additional videos from the link below.  Please record which videos that you watched, the date and have your parents sign your workbook beside requirement 3.  Be prepared to share and discuss what you have learned.
-          Prepare to complete requirement 4 at the February 7th Troop meeting.   Look at the “Mini Activities” at the link provided below.  Use these activities (or create your own) along with the EDGE method to teach a mini lesson about Internet safety rules, behavior, and “netiquette”.   You can do this requirement individually or as a group as long as each member of your group has a role in presenting part of the lesson. 

Grades 6-8 links
Cyber Chip Workbook (Pages 1 and 2) -

Grades 9-12
-          Print pages 3 - 5 of the Cyber Chip Workbook.   See link below.
-          Complete requirement 2 at home with your parents.   Use the Workbook as an outline for your contract.   We do expect you to bring a copy of your contract that has been signed by both you and your parents.
-          Complete requirement 3 at home with your parents.   Be prepared to share and discuss.
-          Complete requirement 4 at home.   You are required to watch three videos from the “Real-Life Stories” link below.  Please record which videos that you watched, the date and have your parents sign your workbook beside requirement 3.  Be prepared to share and discuss what you have learned.
-          Prepare to complete requirement 5 at the February 7th Troop meeting.   Read the “Student Project Kit” at the link provided below.  Use this along with the EDGE method to teach a lesson about Internet safety rules, behavior, and “netiquette”.   This lesson can be in the form of a skit, a lesson, or an activity.   Be creative.   You can do this requirement individually or as a group as long as each member of your group has a role in presenting part of the lesson.   Notify one of the leaders ahead of time if you need to use the audio / video system or have any other special needs for your presentation.

Grades 9-12 links
Cyber Chip Workbook (Pages 3, 4 and 5) -

Other Links and Contact Information
Mr. Caldwell –

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Kreml or me.  


Jamie Caldwell

Friday, January 27, 2017

PLC and Troop meeting info

Parents and scouts:

I have a few items to pass along for the good of the Troop.

1.    We will have our February PLC meeting this Sunday due to the Super Bowl going on next weekend.  We will be meeting Sunday at 5 PM.  All members of the PLC should be there and ready to discuss the upcoming meeting plans for March.  Please be ready!  
2.    The Troop Meeting next Tuesday will be our Winter Court of Honor. Our Opening will be by the Leadership Patrol. We will be starting at 6:30 PM with a Pot-Luck dinner.  All patrols have been given types of dishes to bring.
a.     Patrol assignments are as follows:
                                               i.     Leadership Patrol – Main Dish and Dessert  
                                              ii.     Black Hawks – Main Dish and Side Dish
                                            iii.     Blue Blazes – Main Dish and Side Dish
                                            iv.     Dragons- Main Dish and Dessert
                                             v.     Troop will provide drinks and eating utensils.
b.    Please be on time at 6:30 PM so we can get the dinner completed and have our Court of Honor start promptly after our dinner.
3.    We will hold our Annual FOS Presentation at the Court on Honor this next week.  Please see the statement below from our District Scouting Executive on the details of this event.  It is an important part of our Council funding and your participation will help continue the Mission of Scouting within the Simon Kenton Council.

Thank you – and have a great weekend!


Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136
Grove City, Ohio

From Megan Valone, Our District Scouting Executive:

Dear Parents and Adult Leaders,

I hope that you and your son are enjoying the Scouting program.

At our Court of Honor on January 31st, a guest will be joining us to deliver our annual Friends of Scouting presentation. This presentation is about asking for your help in financially supporting local Scouting and to highlight some of the great things happening in Scouting around the area. This year’s presentation takes a closer look at what Scouting means to you and how the gifts raised through this campaign are used to deliver Scouting to young people.

Last year, families of Troop 136 contributed 23 gifts that totaled almost $4,000! That is $4,000 that changes the lives of local youth through Scouting. The goal this year is to keep up the great work and increase the number of gifts and amount raised to impact more kids through Scouting programs.

This annual giving campaign is vital to the Simon Kenton Council’s ability to deliver a quality Scouting experience to the next generation of young leaders.  I personally support Friends of Scouting and hope you will consider doing the same. 

Our Friends of Scouting presenter will share more details about the campaign and where your support is directed but please know in advance that you can make a pledge at the presentation and pay it whenever and however you want in 2017.  All Friends of Scouting donations are 100% tax deductible.  Thank you for your generous support and for your continued dedication to the Scouting program.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Megan Valone  |  District Executive

Simon Kenton Council

807 Kinnear Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212
P 614.436.2896

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Merit Badge Super Saturday

Parents and Scouts:

Here is information on the merit badge super Saturday that is coming up in February.  Please follow the link and sign on info below to check out the offerings and sign up.

Don’t wait too long – classes fill up fast! 

And Thank You Mr. Dool for getting this to us!


Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136
Grove City, Ohio
614-871-4635 – Home
614-578-0657 - Cell

From: Rob Dool []
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 3:47 PM
To: Kirk Bohanan
Subject: Simon Kenton Council - Merit Badge Super Saturday - 11 Feb 2017

Please forward to the Troop. Registration for the February 11, 2017 Merit Badge Super Saturday will open at 5:00 pm on January 22, 2017.  Use the following link 

or go to events at

There is a link to the class offering and schedule on the registration site or at 

Scouts can call me if they have questions.  Boys please remember these usually fill up in a few hours.

Rob Dool