Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Newsletter

Our Theme this Month is: Government & Citizenship
Please note the following upcoming events.  Refer to the 2017-2018 Program Plan for the complete year planning events.  Note that the plan is subject to minor changes.
1. PLC: [Patrol Leader’s Council] 
Next Meeting will be November 12th at 5:00 PM
Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader,
All Patrol Leader’s. & Asst. Patrol Leader’s and other Troop leadership positions 
Please plan to attend.
2. Troop Committee / Parent Meeting:
Next Meeting is Sunday November 5th at 6 PM at the Church.
All parents are invited to attend this meeting and learn what is up coming in the Troop activities.
3.Camp-out this Month:
This month’s campout:
Backpacking on the Shawnee Backpack Trail -  Portsmouth, Ohio
Date: Nov. 17-19 [2 Nights]
Location:   Camp Oyo-Portsmouth, Ohio
            Leave Friday @ 6:30 PM
Return Sunday @ 11:30AM
               Cost: $0.00 Must buy your own food 
Permission slip must be filled out and returned by:  11/14/2017
4. Monthly Dues:                    “A Scout is Thrifty…”
Please keep up to date on your monthly dues.  We collect $10.00 each month for troop operation.  This can be paid or taken from your son’s Scout Account.  Scout Accounts are funded by participation in fundraising activities, and also by Kroger Plus purchases. Use Kroger Plus Card for your family food purchases. A percent of your spending at Kroger on the Kroger Plus card will go into the Boy’s Scout Account.  The Scout Account can be used to pay for Summer Camp fees, Monthly camp-out fees, Troop Dues, and Troop related expenses that are approved by the Scoutmaster. Please note that the purchase of Personal Gear is not an approved expense that your scout account will cover.
Please check with Jim Baughman on status of your son's Scout Account.

5. BSA Health Forms
HEALTH FORMS from summer camp are now on file.   If you did not go to summer camp you should have at least Part A and Part B of the New Health Form submitted to the troop.  [Part C is the visit to the Doctor’s office]. This is important information that we take on our outdoor outings in case of an emergency.  Please help us by getting this information into the Troop. As any medications change please update Part A of your son’s form. Please keep a copy of this form for your records - and in case I misplace them.

6. Order of the Arrow Members
OA Members - don’t forget that the District OA meeting is always on the first Thursday of the month at the the First Presbyterian Church.  They need your input to make the Chapter be successful.  Please plan to attend!

7.Troop Elections – November 7
For those Scout wanting to work on their positions of responsibility within the troop, we will be holding our troop elections on November 1st for Senior Patrol Leader & Patrol Leaders.  Other positions will be available as well for those needing leadership roles within the troop for advancement. Those newly elected will be put to work quickly as the November PLC will be 11/12/2017 at 5 PM. 

8. Meeting with the Mayor – November 14th
Our meeting on the 14th will include the mayor of Grove City – the Honorable Ike Stage.  He will be speaking to the Troop on this night as part of our monthly theme of Government and Citizenship.  The subject of his speaking will be understanding the “Your Constitutional Rights and Obligations as a US Citizen”.  This is a requirement for First Class Scout.  Please plan to attend and encourage your family to attend if they would like to as well.

9. Backpacking Trip - Nov. 17-19, 2017
We are planning to go backpacking this month - down on the Shawnee Backpack Trail.  We will be leaving Friday night [11/17] and staying at Camp Oyo - then onto the trail Saturday [11/18].  Please start your preparation now - each scout/adult will be responsible for your own food and cooking gear.  Troop tents or your own may be used.  If you have questions please ask!

10. Snow Sports Campout Planning - Jan. 12-14, 2018
Our planning for the January outing has started.  We will be going to Camp Manatoc in Peninsula Ohio for the weekend, leaving on Friday January 12.  We will be going to Brandy Wine for snow sport activities on Saturday, January 13th.  This will include either snow skiing, snow boarding, or snow tubing.  Costs will be approximate $40.00 for snow-tubing and $70 for Snow skiing or snow boarding.  More details as we get closer.  I will be planning on tent camping with a cabin to possibly be cooking in for the weekend.  Please start planning accordingly. 

December's Theme is High Adventure Opportunities

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tonight is last popcorn turn-in

Parents and Scouts:

Don’t forget that tonight is the LAST chance to get your Popcorn Products turned in.  It will be at 7-8 PM at the First Presbyterian Church – over in the FC center area.

You should have any money and your forms as well. If you have a prize coming then your prize selection must be made.  If you have ANY ISSUES making this happen PLEASE contact either Mr. Dool or Myself.

Thanks -  

Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

No meeting tonight and important info about popcorn

Parents and Scouts:

Please be aware that the scout meeting tonight has been canceled due to Halloween.  Please plan to attend next week; which will be our troop election night [we will meet even if school is not on this date]  Also – see the IMPORTANT note about popcorn fundraiser from Mr. Dool – below.



Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

From: Robert E Dool
Subject: Popcorn Info

Kirk please forward the following.

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 from 7-8pm Mr. Dool, Mr. Bohanan and possibly Mrs. Elliott will be at the church for final popcorn and sales sheet turn in.  Here are the things you need:

1)     Any product you have checked out but not sold.  To put it bluntly if it is not returned your product or if you have not made arrangements with Mr. Dool, you own it.  For alternate arrangements contact Mr. Dool at 614-975-0925 by 9pm on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.
2)     Bring you sales forms.  These are needed to make sure we get additional product ordered to cover where we ran short.  It is also needed to make sure you product and money balances all match.
3)     Have you prize selections made and ready.  If you have turned in your sales sheets you can email this to Mr. Dool.
4)     Have all money ready for sales you have made.  We don’t expect you to pay for order we have not yet filled but everything else should be in.

If you have any questions call Mr. Dool


Your Popcorn Kernels

Friday, October 27, 2017

Jared Brode's Eagle Court, popcorn, and no meeting on the 31st!

Parents and Scouts:

Here are a few notes regarding troop activities upcoming.

1.     We are having an Eagle Court of Honor this weekend for Jared Brode. Click here to see his flyer.  I would like all that can attend come and be a part of this ceremony.  I still need some scouts to assist in the ceremony. A few candle lighting parts and some reading parts.  Let me know if you can assist.

2.     Our meeting next week, October 31st, has been canceled due to Grove City’s Halloween is this night.  I am sure all scouts will be going out trick or treating.  Be safe!

3.     Popcorn turn in has been moved to next Wednesday, 11/1.  ALL POPCORN AND MONEY MUST BE TURNED IN ON THIS NIGHT.  Please plan accordingly.

4.     With our meeting cancelled for next week, the first meeting in November [11/7] will be our Troop Elections for SPL and PL positions.  Please plan to have a simple speech prepared if you are planning to run for these positions. 

5.     Our next PLC meeting will not be until 11/12 so the newly elected SPL and Pl’s can be in charge.
6.     Troop Committee meeting will still be on 11/5 at 6 PM.


Kirk Bohanan

Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Popcorn and Tenderfoot requirements


We are quickly approaching the end of our popcorn sale.  Our last day is October 31st.  By that date we need to have all unsold product returned and copies of your sales forms turned in.  If you are done selling it would be helpful to get you records this week if possible.

Tenderfoot Flag Requirements
If you are working on your Tenderfoot rank.  One requirement is 7a. Demonstrate how to display, raise, lower, and fold the U.S. flag.  Mr. Brode and I will be at the church at 6:30pm this Tuesday, October 24th to help anyone who wants to complete this requirement.  If weather is bad we will practice inside.

Rob Dool

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Creek Sweep

Parents and scouts:

Tonight I need to have those that CAN assist in this weekend’s Creek Sweep 2017 to sign.  We will  need to get an approximate number that will attend our breakfast as well.  So here are the details:

We will meet Saturday 10/14 at 7:30-8:00 am  at the First Presbyterian Church for Breakfast [pancakes and sausage]

We will be cleaning up Mulberry Run Creek this year.  Plan is to be on the creek by 9:00 am and done by 1:00 pm. 

Wear clothes that can get dirty.  Gloves and boots are a great add.  Wool socks will make your wet feet stay warm even after getting in the creek.  If you have hip waders – bring them.

Looking for Lots of Troop 136 help.  It will go toward community service hours that you might need for scouts [or school – future National Honor Society members?].  Also - If you are needing to work on Camping merit badge this will also go toward the requirement of assisting on a conservation project.

Please be there at the meeting as sign up there – or let me know by email.



Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

OA meeting is tomorrow (Thursday)

OA members:

Don’t forget that tomorrow night the OA will be meeting at 7 pm – at the First Presbyterian Church.  Please plan to come and be a part of the activity that they will be working on for this next year. 

They need YOU!

Wear your OA Sash!


Kirk Bohanan