Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Greenlawn on Saturday


We are planning to go to Greenlawn Cemetery on Saturday morning – leaving the church parking lot at 9 AM in Class A uniform.  We will be working with the Sons of the Union Soldiers – to find flags that need to be retired on grave stones.  We need you.  Please plan to help.  If you have not signed up from last night and would still like to help – please send me an email so I will know of your interest.  We should be done by 12:30 pm. 



Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Activities this week


Here is a list of activities going on this coming week.

Thursday [5/17/18]:
We will be setting up our Monkey Bridge for the new Pack 136 Webelos that have crossed over into our Troop.  This will be their send off from the Pack during the May Pack meeting.  We will meet at 6 PM to set up the Bridge.  It will be done in the front of the church near the flag pole.  Please come and help if you are able.  This is a Class A uniform event.

Saturday [5/19/2018]:
We will be assisting in the community wide ACTS service project.  I will have a sign-up sheet at our meeting again on Tuesday.  We will meet at 8:30 at the Grove City High School Parking Lot and be assigned to projects.  We will work from 8:30 – 12:00 Noon.  Please plan to wear our Red Class B t-shirts.

In the afternoon on Saturday we will have the Scout Rank Blitz program for the new scouts that want to get a jump on their advancement.  This will run from 1:00 pm – 4 :00 pm.  We will meet at the church and you should plan to bring a sack lunch if you are going to help in the morning too with the ACTS service project.  Plan to be in Class B Uniform.  Make sure to bring you BSA book.

Sunday [5/20/2018]:
[5/20/2018] We will hold the Eagle Court of Honor for Wayne Kreml and Ryan Armstrong.  We will start the ceremony at 3 PM – at the church.  Class A uniform event.  Wayne and Ryan will need some of the Scouts to assist in this ceremony.  Find out these detail on Tuesday.

If you have any questions please let me know.

See you on Tuesday. 


Kirk Bohanan

Thursday, May 10, 2018

help needed for Gantz Park this weekend


I am still looking for a few scouts and adults [at least one additional adult] to help this weekend at the Friday night campout at Gantz Park here in Grove city.  We will be watching the flowers that are going to be for the flower sale on Saturday.  The outing is from Friday night at 6:00 PM [meet at Gantz park ] and we will be done at 8 AM Saturday morning for your parents to pick you up. 

If you can assist please let me know and please bring the attached permission slip for Friday night.  NO cost.  I will have Pizza for dinner on Friday and something for breakfast as well. Bring a snack if you like.

It is a Class B Event; plan to have sleeping bag and other gear for the night.  It may be cool – so plan accordingly. I will have tents for you.  We will have fun and just hang out.  It will be service hours for you as well. 

Let me know.



Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Reminders for tonight's meeting


Things for tonight’s meeting…

1.     Tents - Tarps!  Return those tents and tarps tonight.  They should be cleaned and dry already.  Last two days have been good for that work. 
2.     Discussion tonight about Summer camp – final payment for the early bird is due – total cost is $250.  If you already paid the $25.00 and worked the Mulch sale on 4/20 or4/21 the you have another $100 toward camp.  If you wait until after tonight to pay the cost will go up to $265.  That amount will be until 1 week prior to summer camp; then it will cost $290.
3.     Need some scouts [6-10] and a couple of adults for this weekend to help watch the “Flowers and Gantz Park”  Class B event. Only Friday night start at 6 PM ish Pizza at 6:30.  Meet at Gantz Park [On Home Road]  We will be done at 8 am Saturday morning for your parents to pick you up.  I will have permission slips at the meeting tonight. NO cost participate in the outing  - and we will get service hours toward your advancement. 
4.     More items tonight at the meeting to discuss… We will meet in the Sanctuary at the church due to the voting activity in the fellowship center -  see you there!


Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May Newsletter

1. PLC: [Patrol Leader’s Council]
May 6th - from 5:00-6:00 at the Church.
Senior Patrol Leader, Asst. Sr. Patrol Leader, All Patrol Leader’s. & Asst. Patrol Leader’s and other members of the PLC including Scribe, Historian, Webmasters are also encouraged to attend.
2. Troop Committee / Parent Meeting:
May 6th from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Church.
All parents are invited to attend this meeting and learn what is up coming in the Troop activities.
3.  Camp-Out Next Month:
Date:  June 7-10, 2018
Location: Cumberland Pass Backpack Trip
Cost - $TBD
Leave Thursday 6/7/18 @ TBD AM
Return Sunday @ TBD PM

Permission Slip - Must be filled out and returned by: 5/29/2018

4. Monthly Dues:
 “A Scout is Thrifty…”
Please keep up to date on your monthly dues.  We collect $10.00 each month for troop operation.  This can be paid or taken from your son’s Scout Account.  Scout Accounts are funded by participation in fundraising activities. 
The Scout Account can be used to pay for Summer Camp fees, Monthly camp-out fees, Troop Dues, and Troop related expenses that are approved by the Scoutmaster. Please note that the purchase of Personal Gear is not an approved expense that your scout account will cover.
 Please check with Jim Baughman on status of your son's Scout Account.

5. Kroger Community Rewards Program – Time to Update Registration:
It’s time to re-enroll for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards. Please let your participants know that they need to re-enroll in the month of April in order to continue contributing to your organization through the May 1st 2018 to April 30th 2019 year.
For a member to re-enroll their card they simply go to
• Click “sign-in”
• Put in your registered email address and password that they used to enroll their card.
• Put in the group number [81125] or part of the name of the organization. [“boy scout troop 136”]
• Choose the correct organization.
• Click Enroll.
You are now enrolled for the May 1st 2018 to April 30th 2019 year of Kroger Community Rewards. If you are having an issue with your password and or email address please 1-800-KROGERS, press 5 for customer service, press 5 to speak to a customer service representative.

If it’s the first time you are registering, you will need to set up their account first.
• For a member to enroll their card the simply go to
• Click “create an account” • Put in their email address and password. Confirm their password
• Enter plus card OR alt ID number
• Go to Community Rewards (near bottom)
• Follow through the steps. (Name, address, etc.)
• Put in the group number or part of the name of the organization. [81125] or part of the name of the organization. [“boy scout troop 136”]
• Choose the correct organization.
• Click Enroll.
You are now enrolled for the May 1st 2018 to April 30th 2019 year of Kroger Community Reward. It sounds more difficult than it is.  If you have any issues give me a call and I will help.  If you have not yet joined this fund-raiser and would like to – see Mr. Baughman for details.  Make sure you register your card number with the troop so we can credit you rewards. 

6. May 11th - Helping with the Flower Sale WATCH At Gantz Park  
The Troop has been asked to again help assist in the Flower Sale at Gantz by doing an overnight Watch on Friday, May 11th.  I would like 5-8 scouts assist in an overnight - let me know if you’re interested.  This is a Class B uniform event. We will be meeting at 6:00 Pm Friday and done by 7:30 AM on Saturday 5/12.

7. May 17th - Helping Pack 136 Webelos Crossover Ceremony 
The Troop will again assist in the building of the Monkey Bridge for the Pack 136 Cross-over ceremony for the Webelos that are joining the troop.  This event will be on Thursday May 17 – meet at the church 6:00 pm to assist building.

8. May 19th - Helping ACTS [Active Christians Transforming Society]
The Troop will work with other group this year in the ACTS Community Service project.  We will be assisting with project that will be helping those needing assistance in our community.  We will at 8:45 am at GCHS.  We will be done by noon.

9. May 19th – Scout Rank Advancement BLITZ! 
The Troop will work with the new scouts that have joined in the past few months to get rank advancement completed on Saturday Afternoon. [After ACTS Project].  Plan to bring a lunch if you are working on ACTS and then we’ll push to get your advancement signed off from 1:00 PM through 4:00PM [if needed]. Have your requirements read through and be ready to show your stuff!

10. May 20th - Eagle Court of Honor
We will hold an Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday – May 20th for both Wayne Kreml and Ryan Armstrong.  It will be at the First Presbyterian Church – starting at 3:00 pm.  Please plan to come and attend and help the Troop celebrate the accomplishments.  Some of you scouts will be asked to assist in the ceremony – be ready when asked,

11. May 26th - Help put flags on the graves at Greenlawn Cemetery
The troop will help the Sons of the Union Soldiers put American flags on the graves of soldiers from the Civil War.  We will meet at 9:30 AM on the 26th and drive to the cemetery at Greenlawn.  There will be a ceremony about 11 am with a small lunch to follow.  We will be done about noon.  This is a Class A uniform event.  We will need help with transportation from parents on this event.

12. Class B uniform shirts are available
The troop has a good supply of the red Class B t-shirts for the scout to purchase.  Cost will be $6.00 each.  We will go to the summer uniform after Memorial Day. Only special events will require Full Class A uniforms; Court of Honors, Summer camp, Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.

13. June Court of Honor
The Court of Honor will be June 26th.  Please mark your calendar.  Get your advancement completed before June 19th in order to have it awarded at this Court of Honor.

14. Summer Camp 2018!
Our summer camp will be July 1st – 7th at Muskingham Valley in Coshocton, Ohio.  The cost now will be $250.00.    You need to have the payment into the troop by May 8th. After that date is will be $265.00.  New scouts that just crossed over have until May 8th to get in on the $250.00 fee for camp.  Remember if you helped with Mulch on 4/20-4/21 you will receive a $100 discount for summer camp this year.  You can start to organize your plans for merit badge selections as well.  I have sent out a list of those offered by MVC.  Also check the website.

15. Health Forms for Summer Camp

16. Program Plan for 2018-2019
We will be starting to build our next year’s program and event plan in July.  Please start thinking of activities and monthly meeting program ideas that you would like to have included in the Troop Plan this next year.  The PLC will meet and get your patrol’s ideas for consideration.

June’s Theme is:  Physical Fitness  

Friday, May 4, 2018

This weekend – ThunderBase-2018

If you are on the roster for this weekend’s camping adventure – this section is for you.
1.     We will leave the church parking lot at 6:00 pm SHARP!  Don’t be late – or you will be driving to Ross County on your own!
2.     There will be a Food Can Drive during this event.  If you wish to participate please bring a canned food item.
3.     Plan to wear your Class A uniform on Friday night.  We will switch to Class B during the day on Saturday; Those being Tapped out in the OA will need to wear your Class A uniform during that ceremony
4.     Plan to have your rain gear available on Friday night; we will get wet during the set up time.
5.     Other items to make sure you bring – water bottle, sunscreen, and regular campout gear.  Bring your own cup!  Mr. Betz will not supply your needs.
6.     There will be opportunity to buy “things” at Thunderbase. If you want to bring some spending money for this – please do.  I just reiterate – try to refrain to buy food at the food trucks – Mr. Betz and Company will have the food for the weekend. You already paid for it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Troop Elections tonight and Thunderbase camp

Parents and Scouts:

Don’t forget that tonight is our Troop Elections for the SPL and PL’s.  I encourage all scouts to be there and make your vote count.  New scouts will not participate in this election; but will have activity to do so – don’t miss out.  To be considered for SPL [Senior Patrol Leader] you must be Star Rank; and for Patrol Leader you must be First class. 

Also – Here is the final roster for Thunderbase.  If your name is not on this list – I do not have your paperwork and it is now too late to get there with the troop.  There are a few that bought their registration on their own – they should have the registration info to get in the event.  We will be talking about the details - plans for the trip this coming weekend.  Please be present to get all info on this campout.

And a BIG welcome to all of the new scouts that just crossed over into the troop this past weekend from Pack 136.  I hope to see you all there tonight so you can start to work on that trek to EAGLE!. 

See you tonight!


Kirk Bohanan
Scoutmaster Troop 136